Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hallowe'en Cards

These two cards were done in SGD's copic Intermediate class taught by myself and my mom. The main focus was on teaching the technique of Black and White, but we did another card just for fun!

Black and White card. Everything used to make this card was purchased at SGD.

Colours used:
Tones: W-7, W-3, W-5, W-1
Flower: R85, R59, R46, R35

We decided to use warm tones because they gave Hattie a sepia like finish, and seemed less flat then the cool tones. However, this method will work with the Cool Greys.

This was the card we did on top of the Black and White card just for fun, and to play a bit more with the copic markers!

Colours Used:
Robes: YR04, BV08, V17, BV02, RV13, R46
Socks, Ribbon and Shoes: BV29, BG76, BG72, RV34, RV13, RV42
Hair: E19, E15, E35, YR21, E53, Y15
Skin: RV34, RV42, E53, E00
Owl: E29, E19, E35, E33, E53, YR16, Y08, Y11

And the tip of the day!
Don't be afraid to reuse colours in your colouring! Reusing colours is a great way to make sure that your image will be unified, and will help all your colours to work well together! Use your designer paper as a colour start, and go from there. And don't forget: Work dark to light.