Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Life Changes

So this post won't have any pretty cards or little tips about colouring... it'll be a bit more serious. Skip this now to see two new posts beneath this if you want.

We're all human, behind these cards and layouts, we're all people with feelings that pour our hearts into our work. We share it and love the praise, but we share it for the sake of sharing, not for any fame. Behind these pretty things, and numerous posts, we're all people...

And as people, we are fragile. I've had a bit of a rough month, which is why this blog has been so slow to update. Again, skip this now if you just want to see the previous class cards.

It started on January 27th, almost a full two weeks after my 21st birthday. I lost a little someone who was very dear to me...

Shortly before my 20th birthday, I decided that I needed more then my little Chameleon Carl to keep me company in my apartment. At the time, I was in Oakville with two less then favourable room mates, and was very, very lonely. One night, mom was on Kijiji and she came across a poster who was selling rabbits. The moment I saw that little black, lop eared bunny, I knew right away that was my Melvin. The first glance at him and I knew his name, and I knew he was mine.

And so Melvin hopped into my life, and gave me the best year a little bunny ever could. I loved him and all the silly things he did. How he would hop up onto my bed when he wanted an ear rub, how he would jump onto the couch and sandwich himself in between his people when he wanted to snuggle, and how he would lounge on the dog bed with his best buddy; a 90 pound black lab.

I only had him a year, but it was the best year that little bunny could have ever given me. I spoilt him rotten, but he was my baby, and I had to! How could I resist?

I miss him every day, I truly do. I never fully realized how much he meant to me until I lost him... I never knew how empty a house could feel without a little 4 pound rabbit in it. Which led me to Winston.

Never can I ever replace Melvin, and I didn't want to. But I also could not stand just how lonely I was without my Melvinator.

Little Winston was next to come into my life. I didn't even last three days without a bunny... by the 30th I was bringing home my second baby boy, and his brother happened to tag along, but that's my mom's story to tell, because Tobi is very much her baby.

Winston was the most snugly rabbit I have ever met. Before I even brought him home he was snuggling with me. He loved to be held and he loved to be with me. As soon as I picked him up, I knew he was mine. He was not Melvin, but I didn't want him to be, but he was still my baby.

I had him for such a short time, but I loved him before we even left the breeder's home. He snuggled, he flopped on the vent, and he hated the broom! He would grunt and try to attack it whenever I swept... I don't know why, but he didn't like it at all! Silly bunny. He should have known that cleaning is important!

But once more, I lost another one. I didn't even have him three weeks. Two weeks and five days, and I lost my second baby boy. I don't know if he had a heart attack, or if my younger dog got too excited and hurt him. There wasn't a mark on him, but we look and see him on his back... within minutes he was gone. Just like that.

Within a month, I lost two bunnies... my two baby boys. Needless to say, I am still very upset, and am crying as I type this. But I want this here. I want to remind us all to love the things that we have, hold them close and tell them every day that you love them. We can share as many cards with people, as many layouts as we want... but behind it all, no matter how 'good' or 'bad' we're all people. Our lives can change so quickly, so cherish it, and what you have. As George Carlin said: "Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things". We're all people, and we can all hurt and laugh. Sometimes, I think we all need to remember that, so we can put silly things aside and just enjoy each other's company. You never know how much a simple, kind thing can cheer someone up.

RIP Melvin. November 11th, 2009 - January 27th, 2011. RIP Winston. November 22nd, 2010 - February 18th, 2011. I love you bun buns.


Rebecca said...

I am sorry for your losses, it is very hard to lose anyone including our furry family. They had love until the end.